Glass Kitchen Backsplash (and how to hack it!)

Isn't this backsplash amazing or what? And what if I told you that this is an Ikea hack?
I mean this is Rationell glass shelves from Ikea and a wallpaper of your choice which is
stuck behind them. I love, love, love how it has turned out. And the whole kitchen
is so lovely and sweet. It makes me think of my next project...

For the how to and for more Ikea Hacks, visit Ikea Hackers
Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!


  1. Wow, that's amazing - such a great idea!

  2. Awesome Olga! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. That is a really cool hack!

  4. That's a great idea and I bet it's way cheaper than ordering actual glass splashbacks.
    The kitchen looks pretty too - I can see why you like it Olga !

  5. Kαλησπέρα κέρδισες στον διαγωνισμό μας

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  6. Wow, I just learn something new every day. Cool!!!


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