Before & After: House Renovation

There are some Before and Afters projects that never seize to amaze me.
This house extreme renovation is one of those!

 What's  interesting is that the house itself cost $30K in shell condition, while the project
itself cost $85K. The owner kept costs low by doing most of the demolition, carpentry,
cabinetry and finish work herself. Time to complete the renovation: 3 years.

Found in Design Sponge
Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!


  1. An amazing amount of hard work has gone into this, I love the attention to detail and really really love the concrete work surfaces in the kitchen.

  2. Very hard work ! But what a result!!
    Thanks for sharing, dear Olga!

  3. Αυτό θα πει "η καλή δουλειά αργεί να γίνει". 'Αξιζε όμως τον κόπο. Ειδικά η μπανιέρα είναι απίστευτη ιδέα! Μπράβο στην ιδιοκτήτρια για την επιμονή, την υπομονή και το μεράκι της.

  4. Wow, that place is truly amazing, love it!
    (and thanks for your comment over on my blog! x)

  5. Thank you :) Love your blog!

  6. This is great. I am so amazed. Nice blog.


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