A Tiny Office

We are in the heart of Paris and this is a rooftop space which used to be an old machine room that  previously housed a motor lift. It was in pretty bad shape due to the weather and since it had been vacant for a long time. When a design team rented the place decided to renovate it and completely transform it with the minimum possible budget. The team paid particular attention to economy of means and space but yet to be fully functional...... 

Here is an "emergency desk"...

The design used the raised elevation of the new floor to conceal and a foam seat under trap doors,
which can also be transformed into bed! What a unique idea!...

You won't believe how it used to look like before they renovate it...

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  1. Although small, this office isn't too shabby, either. I always like clever use of tiny space and this couldn't be a better example! Great find, Olga!


  2. That's pretty amazing and it feels like it has lots of natural light, which is great.
    The saying 'small but perfectly formed' really fits here !

  3. well, that looks way better than some other large offices:)

  4. καλε τι small αυτο μια χαρα ειναι..εγω ψαχνω τωρα να βρω γωνια στο σπιτακι μου για γραφειακι αλλα δε βρισκω..μακαρι να το ειχα!

  5. Wow! That is amazing! I love it!

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  6. That's crazy and I love it. If my boys saw a bed in the floor they would be begging for one!


  7. seems like a work of architects ;) awesome! especially loved the seat-bed under the floor!

  8. WOW! I love that the entire space was used to full capacity and doesn't look tiny at all.

  9. Amazing! I want one!
    Oh and I have nominated you for the awesome Versatile blogger award! :) Go check out my blog post...Thanks again for our support!
    EMily... thepostscriptofemilywilsondesign.blogspot.com

  10. Thank you very much Olga for your post about our studio.
    Just found your blog and what a surprise to see us there.
    Really nice comments too.

    1. Julien so happy to see you here! The honor is all mine!

  11. It is tiny, indeed, but you used all the space in such a clever way, good job! My office isn't all too big either, but I don't have your skills to make the most out of it, just a few decorations here and there and that's all.


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