Blog Redesign!

It was high time to have my blog redesigned! I spent many many hours trying to figure out things,
creating buttons, choosing colors and stuff like that! I stayed awake until early
in the morning to get it to look like this. Finally it's done!

There are still some more customization and some little changes to be made,

but the whole idea is this. This new template has a left sidebar and you can find anything you
need there. Pages are on the top of the page, as it used to be. I have added the
Social Bookmarking Buttons so that you can follow me everywhere you want.
I've also added the Share This Buttons, to make it easy for someone to suggest my posts to
Stumble Upon, Digg, Twitter, Facebook etc. Also spiced up my signature a little bit!
The template is from this site, it's a free one, and Lauren the girl who's behind this site
was very helpful indeed! Thanks Lauren!

So take a look around and tell me you like it? I would really love to hear your honest opinion!



  1. Congratulations Olga!!!Very impressive the new look!!Keep on!!xoxo

  2. Great job it looks amazing.

  3. It looks fantastic! I have been trying to redesign mine for over a month now but I have to take regular breaks from it or I'll go mad! I really love your signature!

  4. Looks good, but if I look around the new design too much I might want to work on mine!


  5. Πολύ ωραίο! Μου αρεσουν τα ουδετερα φοντα, νομιζω οτι προβαλονται καλυτερα τα θεματα.

    Πρέπει να μου μάθεις το κολπο της υπογραφης!

  6. Olga, the new design looks awesome!


  7. Congratulations on the new look, it's very pretty :)


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