Christmas Decor Ideas

Great Christmas inspiration for your home, found here. Try to copy and paste some of these
decoration ideas. For more images and ideas visit link.



  1. oh so beautiful Olga! Love EVERYTHING!

  2. Hi Olga! Happy holidays to you and yours. The photographs are lovely, and there are lots of great ideas in them to steal for future use, LOL! But really, no person in his or her right mind should be burning that many live candles on a tree or anywhere else with small children and pets in the house! That's just asking for trouble. I appreciate the fact that this is no doubt a totally staged photo shoot, but you know, there are some people who may try and duplicate the look with live candles rather than using battery operated or electric candles (I would substitute bubble light candles on the tree, for instance). Okay, enough of that. Do you think it is a wise decorating idea to use so much white in what looks like a Nordic part of the world home? Wouldn't that just make it feel all the more cold? Brrrrrr!!!!! I would want to have those sherpa rugs EVERYWHERE.

  3. Amazing inspiration, i don't know which style to pick as a favorite! Thank you for the eye candy and have a Merry Christmas!

  4. Sending best Christmas wishes to you and your fantastic blog!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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