What I Did Last Week...

... I was helping a friend paint some of her blank boring walls. She needed a touch 
of color and she asked for my help as she hadn't tried painting before. 
This is what we did.

And this is what we came up with for her bedroom:
It looks like molding doesn't it? Well in fact it's just the previous color underneath
the masking tape that we taped off! I know there is some serious styling to be made now,
but you get an idea of what had kept me occupied last week (in case you were wondering...lol).

Inspiration for the bedroom wall was drawn from this photo found in Pinterest:

More on this house's projects will be published in Decofairy's blog, as she
is the master mind behind these transformations, giving us ideas and helping picking
the color scheme.
Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!


  1. Great job, Olga! I just love the colors in the kitchen, so calming...

  2. Τέλειο!!! Έχεις γίνει γκουρού του χρώματος σε τοίχο νομίζω!

    1. Γκουρού; Χαχα! Μου άρεσε αυτό! :-)

  3. Both rooms look great - I love faux panelling, it's always so effective.

  4. I love the colors you used in the kitchen, they really add the necessary touch a kitchen needs.

  5. Πολυ ωραία! Μου αρεσουν και τα χρώματα!!

  6. That made all the difference! Great job :-)

  7. Όμορφες οι ρίγες.....πολύ γλυκά χρώματα.

  8. Hello meine liebe Olga!due to my studies but also personal experience,I 'd like to say that molding is great for beds without any headboard...unfortunately,in your case,the lines for creating a molding effect,are not only wrong placed but wrong from the birth of the thought!allow me to say that if you wanted to create this shape above the bed, you should have make it larger as if you wanted to "hug" the bed AMD not just place it behind it. Now,the right move in order not to take it off is either to paint the bed in a grey or even better white tone, or at least to remove that headboard...anyway, sorry for my unpleasant comment but I thing through discussion and practising we get better every single day!really like your posts!really admire people who try...I am one of those...kisses!

    1. Well, the fake molding is in fact "hugging" the bed. It doesn't show in the photo probably because when I took the picture the bed was not at its place as we hadn't finished yet. Anyway, thanks for your suggestions,, we'll take them into consideration.


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