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Wooden garage doors not only give a natural and elegant look to your house, but also increase its value 
to a great extent. As wooden garage doors are not produced readymade by the manufacturers, hence 
it is possible to shape them according to your garage, which can easily fit any size or shape. For this 
reason, they can easily adjust to various difficult shapes such as overhead arches, or uneven garage 
locations. Unlike metal garage doors (steel, aluminium, etc.), wooden garage doors do not dent and 
can easily survive stray hits from basketballs or similar other things. 

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Wooden garage door is really versatile and you can even fit window in them. This allows adequate 
sunlight inside your garage. You can either fit opaque or see through material in the window to get 
the desired results. Wooden garage doors can also minimise the intensity of noise. When compared to 
any other material, wood is an excellent deterrent for any kind of noise. So, if your house is next to a 
busy street, or if there is a noisy atmosphere outside your house, a wooden garage door can help in dampening that noise. 
In the colder areas, wooden garage door provides protection against cold and other weather elements. 
In most of the cases, the actual insulation value of wooden garage door depends upon the way it is constructed. Even less costly wooden doors have slim wooden layers on both sides with suitable 
stuffing material between them. This material can be cardboard, foam or honeycomb. Aside from 
providing good insulation, it also provides strength to the door. 
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Compared to the metal garage doors, you can easily paint a wooden door. You just need some wood 
filler and paint, and your doors would start looking new again within no time. You can even paint them 
to match the colour of your house. 

If you are using a heavy wooden door, you will need a sturdy automatic garage door opener to open 
the door safely. Aside from that, you should also use suitably sized extension or torsion springs on 
your garage door. If you plan to change to wooden garage door, you should consult a dealer on a 
suitable garage door opener for ensuring hassle-free operation of your garage door. 

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  1. We do have a garage, but unfortunately not the money to purchase such gorgeous doors. Besides, you can't see our garage from the street !

  2. When you use a wooden garage door, make sure that it is sealed and all that. I mean, it's not good to have a gorgeous door that can be easily broken. I admire you for sharing these. How were you able to compile those photos, Tanya?

  3. That first one is so attractive! It looks a lot like those classic European garage doors, and with the brick wall and the roofing, this one ended up like a mixture of American and European exterior design. It’s very detailed, but it doesn’t look exaggerated at all because wooden doors traditionally makes itself or the rest of the house simple, but elegant.

  4. Absolutely great! If this group can partner with some garage door companies that offer more plain exteriors, there might be some serious purchases happening!

  5. Thanks for sharing this, I really Love the design of your garage door`s... Good work!

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  6. There are many points to consider before you buy a garage door for your home. Depending on the style of your home, your garage door can take up as much as one-third of the front side of your house. You want to make sure that your choice of a door complements your home while also being functional.

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  7. I think most people like the wooden doors .The reason behind this is its attractiveness.


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