A Fairytale Inspired Bed!

"The Princess and the pea" is a fairytale that tells of a prince who was trying -in vain- to find the
right princess to marry with. When a a girl knocked on his door on a rainy night, looking for shelter,
claiming that she's a princess, his mother tested her by putting a pea among the

many mattresses. The next morning the girl complained that she endured a sleepless night
and kept awake by something hard in the bed. The prince rejoices. Only a real princess would have
the sensitivity to feel a pea through such a quality of bedding. The two were married
and of course they lived happily ever after!
(detail... see the pea?)

and here...

Images found in The boo and the boy

*** Today's post is dedicated to my lovely princess - my daughter Eirini - who is now (slowly) recovering
from her illness. Taking this opportunity, I would like to THANK YOU all so much
for your concern and your sweetest comments and wishes! ***Photobucket
Thanks for Making This Possible! Please Share the Love!


  1. I've always loved the story of the princess and the pea - lovely post Olga.
    I am so glad to hear that your daughter is on the mend xx

  2. It's great to know that your daughter is getting better. Such pretty beds! Lovely post, the last image is my favorite!


  3. I'm so happy to hear your sweet girl is getting better. Never seen these beds before - how fun!

  4. Τέλεια ανάρτηση! Πολύ μου άρεσε η ιστορία! Χαίρομαι που η μικρή σου πριγκήπισσα είναι καλύτερα! Φιλάκια

  5. Thats great your baby girl is feeling better! Love the beds definitely fit for a princess :)

  6. Υπέροχα, παραμυθένια...! Ελπίζω η κορούλα σου να είναι μια χαρά τώρα!!!! Πολλά φιλάκια και καλή εβδομάδα! (Υ.Γ. Κι εγώ ανάβω μονίμως κεριά, ακόμα και τη μέρα.. Με χαλαρώνουν αφάνταστα! Και όπως λες κι εσύ το Καλοκαίρι στη βεράντα γίνεται... του κεριού!!!)

  7. cute post glad to hear your lil girl is on the mend :-)

  8. Ονειρεμένα κρεβατάκια. Ειδικά το τελευταίο είναι απίθανο. Όλοι καλά τώρα;;;

  9. Ολγα μου αρεσε το παραμυθι δεν το ηξερα !!!!Ειρηνη εισαι τυχερη με τετοια μαμα να εχεται μια ομορφη εβδομαδα σας φιλω

  10. Είναι πράγματι πανέμορφα!!

  11. So glad to hear that the little one is on the mend! I fell in love with these beds - I would have adored them as a little girl (actually still do)!

  12. When daughter #2 was little I saw an idea like this in a magazine (well before internet days) and I never forgot it. Soooooooo cute!


  13. Those beds are so adorable!
    Glad she's feeling better.
    ~ Dana


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