Small-Cute-Stylish Appartment

Wouldn't you just love to take your breakfast or morning coffee in that nook, reading your favorite
book or magazine? I absolutely would!

 This is an apartment in Berlin of only 54sq.m. with a very wise use of every inch of this home. The space under the kitchen bench is used for storage for example. How clever is that?
The fact that those big windows allow the sunshine to pass through and lighten up the whole room,

the open shelving, the light and pale colors on furniture and wood make this home
feels so inviting and comfy!

It was found in one of my favorite blogs Passion Decor.
Pay a visit there, so much more to see!

Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!


  1. Τελικα δεν παιζει ρολο ποσα τεραγωνικα ειναι ο χωρος σου..Αν εχεις γουστο γινεται καταπληκτικη δουλεια!!Great find Olga!!xx

  2. Τέλειο είναι! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awww...thank you Olga for sharing love :)
    you're such a sweetie


  4. Υπεροχο αν και τοσο μικρο ειναι αρκετα βολικο!!!!!!!!

  5. I love this room! Such effortless style.

  6. love your blog and I like so much this space!What about follow eachh other?

  7. Our house is probably about the same size as this so I am a little jealous that they have managed to pull it off so well! The little breakfast nook is my favourite feauture!

  8. They definately have great style, and I love the breakfast nook with blackboard ! x

  9. Love this apartment. The cozy breakfast nook is my favorite. It feels like a perfect nook in a quaint cafe, great for sipping a cup of coffee, reading or chatting with a friend. Also loving the wall color in the bedroom!

    P/S: Come by and enter my pillow giveaway if you like, Olga. :)


  10. What a cute blog you have here! thanks for you comment and for following me at Double the Decor! I'm following you back : )

  11. Found your blog via the Blog Hop. I’m your newest GFC follower!

  12. very cozy looking, makes me want to move into a small apartment all over again! Love the breakfast nook. I could def. curl up with a book and coffee in the morning there!


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