Blue Inspiration

Guest Post by Art Nouveau
Hi my dear friends!!
I'm Art nouveau and I 'm guest posting here at my lovely friend ..Olga's blog today!! We've met here in blogland and we talk almost everyday!!! This is the whole meaning of what we are doing new friends and compare notes, exchange opinions and experiences!!! And it's great!!
I like to post beautiful images that inspire me and I hope to inspire you as well!
Like this post here-below, which is all about blue inspiration! Enjoy!


Now that we've met, I'd be more than thrilled to see you over at my place! And I think you're gonna love it!

Kisses my dear Olga and thank you very very very much!! You are an angel!!

P.s.: A little secret that most of you do not real name is Helen!!  


My stardusted friends, wanna have a taste of Parisian flair and see more interesting and inspiring photos
like the ones above? Pay a visit to her blog and you won't regret it. Trust me!
Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!


  1. As I scrolled down, every shot just got better and better. Love the little bags, then the gorgeous table, then the homes - simply stunning.
    I'm off to visit Helen.

  2. My favourite colour is blue so I was in heaven scrolling through this post! Off to check out Helen’s blog now!

  3. beautiful! the 2nd-to-last photo reminds me of our old home on Folegandros!

  4. Απέραντο γαλάζιο!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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