Modern Interior Decorating {by Sierra at Ocean Dreams}

Hello my lovelies!

Please allow me to introduce to you Mrs. Sierra at Ocean Dreams who is willing to give us some advise on how to achieve a Modern Interior look for our homes, using unique furniture, accessories and lighting.

Set Aside Time During
Your Holiday and Create a Magnificent Modern

If you desire to redecorate your home with a modern appeal
there are many accessories and design elements that you can choose from to
create the look you desire. Clean lines and neutral background tones are two
ideas that you can consider when redesigning your home and making it modern.
Offset your neutral tones with bright colors and add supporting elements such
as abstract designs. Accessories and lighting are what sets a modern style
apart from other popular designs that are currently trendy.

Modern Bedroom Designs

 lighting can be a lot of fun incorporating in your interior. Choose from a
portable fireplace that you can easily place in your bedroom or mood lighting,
another enjoyable example of modern lighting. Make the lighting on your deck
stand out and look unique with a modern solar lantern. This classy modern design
meets sustainable solar and creates the ultimate well-designed outdoor lighting
for your deck or outdoor space.

As well as discovering modern lighting from sites such as Lamplust, search for modern furniture
that will complement your living room. How do you know if furniture is modern? Most
modern furniture designs are set apart by bold and solid colors that create a
simple yet gorgeous design. Choose a bold sofa that stands out against a white
wall or beige carpet, for example.

As you continue to decorate or revamp a particular room,
keep in mind that modern means decorating with simple elements. 
This is not the sort of style where you see a lot of clutter. Pick out your 
accessories very carefully and select from a few that stand out to you. 
Find an abstract piece of art to put on your wall or invest in a plant 
that you can place in a giant vase. Soon you'll have a modern look you dreamed 
of having in your interior. 

Why not consider redecoration 
during your holiday season when you have more time on your hands? Yes, the 
holidays are often classified as busy, but you have the opportunity to set time
aside and start creating. Use holiday gift money from relatives or parents to 
spruce up a space and make it come alive. Use your imagination and find a rug,
sofa, bed, or decorative item to develop a modern room that stands a part and
makes you feel at home.

Bio: Sierra is a freelance writer and writes for fabulous sites like Lamplust
who has modern lighting. Catch up on Sierra’s latest
happenings on her Ocean Dreams blog.


Hope you've enjoyed! 


  1. Thank you so much for the guest post opportunity! I hope this brings some inspiration for those of us who want a modern interior! :)

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