Introducing Sherika at Passionately Perfect

Hello everyone, I'm Sherika over at Passionately Perfect! I'm so honored Olga allowed me to come share my lamp transformation with her wonderful followers!

I'm currently in a gold and wood stage in my life!

I either want everything glamorous gold or rustic wood, my husband is probably happy for the masculinity that has suddenly come in to play!

I have a few lamps around the house that really needed some sprucing up! 

These lamps are in our entryway, something about them just didn't seem finished. They are pretty, and I love the shine, But I wanted glam!
Of course there isn't anything a little spray paint can't fix!

Rustoleum metallic in gold, changed the look!

With the help of some ribbon I found at Walmart

 I think this is definitely the effect I was looking for!!

While I was at it...I hooked this baby up too!

I couln't find any painters tape in the house! Electrical tape seemed to work just fine!

 A little spray...


 I'm smiling just looking at them!!

Happy Almost Turkey day!!


  1. wow! I love those lamps! What a great idea! Thank you for posting this! I will have to go visit her blog! Thanks Olga!

  2. Όλγα μου τέλεια η μεταμόρφωση του καπέλου!!! Έγινε πολύ μοντέρνο και με λίγα έξοδα!!! Θαύμα!!!

  3. Dear miss super-stardust, thank you indeed. I am honoured that you have put me on your reading list.
    Love the passionately perfect post. Hope you're enjoying the christmas season Olga, love Fiona xxx

  4. Wow! I love the first pair of table lamps! I like how she take two ordinary lamps and transformed them into two very luxurious table lamps! The greek key trim is a lovely touch, it totally contributes to the luxe factor!


  5. loving the new background - very pretty x

  6. love the lamps what a great easy fix definetly pinning them enjoy your holidays

  7. Glad to hear you liked it!
    kisses to all of you my sweet stardusted friends!


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