DIY: What to do an old frame

Hello, hello everyone!
How was your holidays? My family and I had a great time somewhere on a Greek mountain and enjoyed our literally white Christmas! It was really fun!

Well now... do you happen to have an old frame and do not know what to do with it? Do not throw it away, as I'm gonna show two ways on how to turn a simple frame it into something beautiful and useful.

A. Transform it to a modern shelf!

What you'll need:
1. A wooden box
2. A frame of the same size
3. Some nails
4. White paint or whatever color you desire
5. Paint brush
6. The woods of the bottom of the box.

You assemble it by placing the frame in front of the box and then nail the shelves. Your frame-shelf is now ready and you can put it in your bathroom for your cosmetics, or in your kitchen for your jars of sugar, coffee, marmalade etc.!

B. Make your jewelry a piece of Art!

This is the most easy way to always be able to find your earrings at no time, right?
What you'll need:
1. A frame of the size you desire
2. Some nails and a hammer
3. Lace or fabric (to set the background)
4. Rope or wire or fishing line

You set the desired background (it could be anything else of your choice, even a nice photo), and then nail the  wire or fishing line to create three of four lines to hang your earrings and TA-DA!

That's it! So simple and handy!

(Above ideas and tips were found in the Greek blog tromaktiko)


  1. The shelf idea is awesome!!!

  2. Hi Olga, glad you had a good Christmas. Love both of these ideas, especially the shelf - it looks so good against the wallpaper.
    All the best for the New Year xx

  3. Hi Olga. Earlier tonight (January 29, 2013) I visited Thrifty Decorator Chick's blog and she had a post about a visit this past weekend to a large "fair" of antiques and vintage and other items. While there, she saw and photographed a frame-bookshelf just like the one in your post! She loved it and had not seen anything like it before, and I have to say that I do not recall seeing anything like it before, either. So - congratulations to you for posting this very smart idea and easy how-to-get-the-look more than a year ago! Perhaps it is just now starting to show up in the USA, or Thrifty Decorator Chick and I do not "get out very much." No, I think Thrifty Decorator Chick is very "up to speed" on the latest trends, and if the framed shelf look was new to her, that must mean it is just starting to be shown here in the USA and will soon catch on. Good work, Olga, spotting this trend-setting design.

    1. That's a very nice thing to say Jan! Thank you very much!


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