DIY: How to enliven your dining wall

You want to spice up your dining room's wall and don't know how?
Well it is so simple... just add... what else... mirrors!
Mirrors always make a big impact! Make a room look brighter and bigger.
And what Laurel from Abode Love did to her dining room, is the perfect example.
This is the dining room Before...

and After adding mirrors...

Did I mention how much I like this dining space? I especially love - beside the mirrors - the metallic
paint on the walls and did you notice the ceiling? It is also metallic painted!
And yes, this hallway seen in the first pic was my inspiration for my striped hallway!

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  1. Yes! It´s incredible how mirror walls can totally change a whole space. It looks fantastic!

  2. Just found you through Thursday Blog Hop! Great blog! {Following!}

    Check me out at

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  3. love the new blog look! This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Φοβερή ανανέωση και αλλαγή. Όντως ο χώρος δείχνει πολύ μεγαλύτερος.

  5. Love your new layout! So fresh! Thanks for stopping by! I always thought that Greece has a very mild climate. Do you guys have snow?

  6. Cute blog and a great find. Do you really live in Greece? Can I come visit ? Lol :).
    -Olga with

  7. LOVE the new look here Olga.. So fun... :)))

  8. Hi, I am new follower...lucky number 300! I love this mirror idea. Great find. Going to check out the rest of your blog.


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