Odd Spaces

WARNING: The following pictures may hurt your eyes!

Well... you will be a little bit surprised with today's post. It is not about something nice or artistic or lovable. It sure isn't a bliss! It is about two different appartments that are somewhat unusual. I would say that this is when people overdo it with a specific style. Check this out for yourselves.

Appartment No.1

Appartment No.2

Images found at Desire to Inspire

What are your thoughts? Too much or you like it?
(Shall I dare to say that I kind of like the bedroom of Appartment no.1?)



  1. While I do what I love and it may not be everyone's style, I agree - these are over the top. There is absolutely nothing I like about Apt. 1 bathroom or living room but I do love the kitchen wall color and the floor in there. The bedroom is sort of pretty (minus the furry boas and round bed). The only thing I like in Apt. 2 is the coffee table - the rest is just too industrial and cold for my taste. Interesting to see!

  2. I absolutely agree! But still... I'm embarrashed to admit it.... I do like the round bed!

  3. Hi Olga, thanks for stopping by. The apartment number 2 is too industrial though it has beauty on its own. I don't know but it feels like the owner is a single man.hahaha. I also like the round bed.


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