How To Style Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables are in the center of the most high traffic area in your home. This makes it as more important 
to decorate as any other room. A coffee table has to be decorated with appealing items to look gorgeous. 
In fact, a well designed coffee table adds style and personality to the home. I remember having heard that 
all you have to add to a piece of furniture to create the perfect styled vignette are these three things: 

flowers, books  and candles. Use trays, add some more decorative objects to show off your personality,  create some highs and lows with them, get bold with some color and you're all set! Cococozy has a  
great article with some tips on how to style a beautiful coffee table. Here I have some examples for 
you to study, follow and be inspired!

City Retreat contemporary living room
Family Room contemporary family room
Glenwood Residence eclectic living room

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  1. You can never go wrong with books, candles and flowers, they are essential to a woman, right? I love a good-looking coffee table more than anything; especially, a vintage coffee table. Great post!!!

  2. The candles need to be scented. And I would add potpourri as well to this list.

  3. Όντως ένα "κοντό" βάζο με λουλούδια, όπως δείχνουν οι φωτό, είναι τέλειο αλλά μάλλον πρέπει να αγοράζεις λουλούδια κάθε 5-6 μέρες :)

  4. My coffee table is always a shameful mess of remote controls and mail... I need this post!

  5. So true! Great pics! I love decorated coffee table, especially as my own has to be cleared out for kids

  6. Lovely inspiration Olga. I just wish I had a coffee table to put stuff ON - lol !

  7. Great inspo lovely! I love a combo of books, candles... I can see myself pinning lots of things from here! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. great pics & post Olga hope your having a lovely week

  9. Χαααααα... αυτο το θεμα ετοιμαζω κι εγω εδω και βδομαδες! Ωραιες φωτογραφιες!

  10. Oh ho i love the rustic wooden table in picture 4.

    Have a great week Olga!

    ~ Blessings,

  11. So much amazing inspiration here, I love it! The pink skull is quite cool isn't it?


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