DIY: Orb Chandelier

Isn't it a great Chandelier or what? I don't know about you folks but I lurve it! But how much
would this cost? Hmmm... probably I could not afford it.

But wait a second... what the... is this a DIY? Really? Well yes! This is the idea that Orlando and his
friend from HomeMaker came up with for a chandelier that they so called the "Orb-lando"! What
you'll need is this: Gauge Galvanized Wire, Craft Wire, Chain, Needle Nose Pliers, Light Bulb and
Kit, Metallic Paint. So, if you find this creation of your interest pop over to HomeMaker to see all
the necessary details and check out the most fun tutorial ever!
P.S.: Orlando I did mention the "Orb-lando" name, so no need to sue me!

Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!


  1. What a great idea- kudos to you AND Orlando :)

  2. Να σου πω την αλήθεια 'Ολγα μου, εμένα με αγχώνει αν κρέμεται κάτι τόσο μεγάλο πάνω από το κεφάλι μου.Εκτός αν το σπίτι έχει ψηλό ταβάνι.

  3. What a great DIY. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  4. looks pretty fab ill have to check out the tutorial thanks for sharing

  5. Thanks Olga for this FYI! I love it and wil have to see where I can put one or thirty! I am thinking these would look amazing hanging from my tree outside!

  6. Yeah, lurve it too Olga - what great idea !

  7. I think it would have been nice if the chandelier is a bit small. The big chandelier provides a wired look.


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