DIY: Clocks on the Wall

Do you happen to have an empty wall somewhere in your house, 
and you don't know how to decorate it?
What do you think of the idea to hang a handmade clock? A clock made by you
very easily with things that you may already have at home that will cost you 
only a few dollars / euros! Here is how: 

 For those who like a more industrial look you can make this wheel-clock, by taking off a wheel out of an old bicycle you place a clock mechanism in the center and there you have it!

DIY Tea cup clock !

For your kitchen: cut a round plywood in the size that you desire, make a hole in the center, place
the mechanism of the clock right in the hole, and then just glue (with a porcelain glue) twelve cups on the wood! So simple!

DIY Wall clock inspiration

Clock made out of frames: buy some cheap frames in various sizes and nail them on the wall.
In the frames you could place photos, or pictures or even fabric and make your own theme
In the middle you can put a small clock with very big indicators, just to make it stand out!

record clock.

And finally if you happen to have an old record, just add a clock in the middle and 
place it in the room of a teenager! It would look perfect!

Found in the Greek blog Styleitchic
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  1. Those are some crazy clocks. Talk about thinking out of the box huh?


  2. i like the frame idea i think i could work with that hmmmmmmm lol

  3. The clock made out of frames is very creative I like it!

  4. Great inspiration Olga, I love the one with little frames where the numbers should be ! x

  5. Ωραιες ιδεες,ειδικα η τελευταια!!!!!!Καλημερα!!!!!!!!!

  6. τρομερες οι ιδεες σου, ειδικα αυτη με το ποδηλατο ξεχωριστο κομματι!
    με βαλες σε σκεψεις παντως γιατι εχω ενα παλιο ποδηλατο...οποτε λεω να του αλλαξω χρηση!

  7. Great ideas!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  8. γεια σου Ολγα ΤΕΛΕΙΑ !! καλο βραδυ πολλα φιλια

  9. like the idea with tea cups, very lovely. I had some old vinyl records with music nonone loves, so I made wall clocks out of them as gifts for my friends and family. One was featured on my blog. It's really the cheapest way to create unique clock. Thank you for following me and your kind comments :)

    Wish you all the best

    ps.your blog is very interesting too


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