More Before & Afters

I know you like it! I know you want it! This is the best part. The Before & Afters! Don't we all enjoy a good tranformation? Today is Dressers' day. If you own one that is old or you got bored with its style, here you can have some ideas how to revamp it.

Dresser No.1

*with a little grey paint and wallpapers leftovers *

Dresser No.2
* this is my favourite one. I would really like to have the after of it in my son's bedroom *

Dresser No.3

Wow!!! What a change!

Today's makeovers have been found at Better After


1 comment:

  1. πολύ όμορφα όλα! Barbara ανέβασε και άλλα before & after please!


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